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Codebreaker Turing's theory explains how shark scales are patterned

A system proposed by world war two codebreaker Alan Turing more than 60 years ago can explain the patterning of tooth-like scales possessed by sharks, according to new research. more...

New definition returns meaning to information

Identifying meaningful information is a key challenge to disciplines from biology to artificial intelligence. Researchers now propose a broadly applicable, fully formal definition for this kind of semantic information. more...

How does brain structure influence performance on language tasks?

The architecture of each person's brain is unique, and differences may influence how quickly people can complete various cognitive tasks. But how neuroanatomy impacts performance is largely an open question. To learn more, scientists are developing a new tool -- computational models of the brain -- to simulate how the structure of the brain may impact brain activity and, ultimately, human behavior. more...

Why don't we understand statistics? Fixed mindsets may be to blame

The first study of why people struggle to solve statistical problems reveals a preference for complicated rather than simpler, more intuitive solutions -- which often leads to failure in solving the problem altogether. The researchers suggest this is due to unfavorable methods of teaching statistics in schools and universities, and highlight the serious consequences when applied to professional settings like court cases. more...

Songbird data yields new theory for learning sensorimotor skills

During such trial-and-error processes of sensorimotor learning, a bird remembers not just the best possible command, but a whole suite of possibilities, suggests a new study. more...

Mitigating stress, PTSD risk in warfighters

Researchers have developed a technique that has the potential to provide measures that facilitate the development of procedures to mitigate stress and the onset of conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder in warfighters. more...

Science learns from its mistakes too

A mathematical model shows that even seemingly inconclusive studies speed up the gain in knowledge. more...


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