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The latest activity to be updated on this site is called "Pin Board" (Rows and columns of dots that can be joined using straight lines to create shapes.).

So far this activity has been accessed 6595 times

Featured Activity

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Move the pieces of the tower from one place to another in the minimum number of moves. This puzzle was invented in 1883 but is still as captivating today as it was all those years ago.

Recent News:

Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to Riemann Hypothesis

Many ways to approach the Riemann Hypothesis have been proposed during the past 150 years, but none of them have led to conquering the most famous open problem in mathematics. A new article suggests that one of these old approaches is more practical than previously realized. more...

Scientific reproducibility does not equate to scientific truth, mathematical model finds

Reproducible scientific results are not always true and true scientific results are not always reproducible, according to a mathematical model. more...

Mathematical framework explores how the brain keeps a beat

A new mathematical model demonstrates how neurons in the brain could work together to learn and keep a musical beat. more...

Mathematician's breakthrough on non-toxic pest control

Breakthrough 'gene silencing' technique uses naturally occurring soil bacteria to kill specific crop-destroying pests without harming other insects or the environment. Non-toxic pest control could help feed growing global population, boost organic food production and drive bio-fuel production. Experiments show up to 92% more crops survive with this approach compared to no pest control. more...

New research may be used to treat cancer, heal combat wounds

Researchers have developed computational models using a microbiology procedure that may be used to improve novel cancer treatments and treat combat wounds. more...

New mathematical approach tested for the search of flight MH370

The 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains ones of the biggest mysteries in aviation. Recent efforts combining satellite data with a new mathematical approach, analyzing how debris moves around the ocean, aim to make headway in the search. Using Markov chain models, a team of researchers has narrowed down a potential crash location substantially north of the region where most search efforts have concentrated. more...

Brain's imperfect execution of mathematically optimal perception

Human perception is based on mathematically optimal principles, but the brain implements those principles imperfectly, suggests new research. more...

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