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The numbers in the circles add up to the numbers
in the rectangles between them.

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Type in the missing numbers according to the rule.

Click the 'Options' button to change the level of difficulty.

You can earn a Transum Trophy for correctly completing eight arithmagons at any level.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

"Don't be content with only completing the first level of this challenge, click the options button to select more difficult puzzles. Try the 'Two digit numbers', 'Addition', 'Three rectangle values only' combination to produce some interesting arithmagons.."

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The first Arithmagon you will see is a triangle with three circles at its vertices and rectangles on its sides (older browsers may show the circles as rectangles, sorry). The idea is to add up the two numbers in circles at either end of a side of a triangle and type the answer into the rectangle on the middle of that side.


Click the check button when you have filled in all three rectangles. If you are correct you will see one slice of a pie chart showing your progress so far. Complete eight Arithmagons to earn a Transum Trophy.

This first level you should find very easy. It gets more difficult when you are not given the three circle numbers but are given the rectangle numbers instead. That’s when you need to come up with a strategy!

Click the ‘Options’ button to alter the difficulty level. You should be able to earn lots of trophies for this activity. One trophy for each different level of difficulty you complete. Good Luck!



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